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BAe-146 / Avro RJ Airliners 

Another 4-engine under-the-wing airliner designed for short-haul and regional air routes, and still in service, is the BAe-146 / Avro RJ manufactured by British Aerospace.

The BAe 146 product line included the -100, -200 and -300 models. The equivalent Avro RJ versions are designated RJ70, RJ85, and RJ100.

Its design includes a high-wing cantilever monoplane with a T-tail. Seating was provided for 70-112 passengers, depending on model.

Because of its quiet operation, it is sometimes known as the "Whisperjet".

A freighter version is designed "QT" (Quiet Trader), while the convertible passenger-or-freight model is designated as "QC" (Quick Change). The plane can also accomodate a "gravel kit" for landing/takeoff on rough, unprepared airsfields.

A total of 387 of the aircraft were built during 1978 through 2001.

Avro RJ85 in Lufthansa livery
Lufthansa Avro RJ85

Eurowings BAe 146-200
Eurowings BAe 146-200

FlyBE BAe 146-300
FlyBE BAe 146-300