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ICAO and IATA Aircraft Codes

One aircraft coding system, maintained by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), uses 4-character alphanumeric codes assigned to aircraft types and subtypes.

ICAO codes are used in operations by airlines and air traffic controllers. For example, a Boeing 777-300 is assigned ICAO Code B773.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) assigns 3-character codes to aircraft as well; these are used by the geneal public, for example in airline timetables.

Aircraft Manufacturer & Model
A19N 319 Airbus A319neo
A20N 320 Airbus A320neo
A21N 321 Airbus A321neo
A30B AB3 Airbus A300
A310 310 Airbus A310
A318 318 Airbus A318
A319 319 Airbus A319
A320 320 Airbus A320
A321 321 Airbus A321
A332 332 Airbus A330-200
A333 333 Airbus A330-300
A339 Airbus A330-900
A342 342 Airbus A340-200
A343 343 Airbus A340-300
A345 345 Airbus A340-500
A346 346 Airbus A340-600
A359 359 Airbus A350-900
A35K 351 Airbus A350-1000
A388 388 Airbus A380-800
B37M 7M7 Boeing 737 MAX 7
B38M 7M8 Boeing 737 MAX 8
B39M 7M9 Boeing 737 MAX 9
B703 703 Boeing 707
B712 717 Boeing 717
B720 B72 Boeing 720B
B721 721 Boeing 727-100
B722 722 Boeing 727-200
B732 732 Boeing 737-200
B733 733 Boeing 737-300
B734 734 Boeing 737-400
B735 735 Boeing 737-500
B736 736 Boeing 737-600
B737 73G Boeing 737-700
B738 738 Boeing 737-800
B739 739 Boeing 737-900
B741 741 Boeing 747-100
B742 742 Boeing 747-200
B743 743 Boeing 747-300
B744 744 Boeing 747-400
B748 74H Boeing 747-8
B74R 74R Boeing 747SR
B74S 74L Boeing 747SP
B752 752 Boeing 757-200
B753 753 Boeing 757-300
B762 762 Boeing 767-200
B763 763 Boeing 767-300
B764 764 Boeing 767-400
B772 772 Boeing 777-200 / Boeing 777-200ER
B77L 77L Boeing 777-200LR / Boeing 777F
B773 773 Boeing 777-300
B77W 77W Boeing 777-300ER
B778 Boeing 777-8
B779 Boeing 777-9
B788 788 Boeing 787-8
B789 789 Boeing 787-9
B78X 78J Boeing 787-10
BCS1 CS1 Bombardier CS100
BCS3 CS3 Bombardier CS300
BLCF 74B Boeing 747 LCF Dreamlifter
CL2T Bombardier 415
CL30 Bombardier BD-100 Challenger 300
CRJ2 CR2 Canadair Regional Jet 200
CRJ7 CR7 Canadair Regional Jet 700
CRJ9 CR9 Canadair Regional Jet 900
CRJX CRK Canadair Regional Jet 1000
DC10 D10 Douglas DC-10
DC85 D8T Douglas DC-8-50
DC86 D8L Douglas DC-8-62
DC91 D91 Douglas DC-9-10
DC92 D92 Douglas DC-9-20
DC93 D93 Douglas DC-9-30
DC94 D94 Douglas DC-9-40
DC95 D95 Douglas DC-9-50
E135 ER3 Embraer RJ135
E135 ERD Embraer RJ140
E145 ER4 Embraer RJ145
E170 E70 Embraer 170
E190 E90 Embraer 190
E195 E95 Embraer 195
E75L E75 Embraer 175 (long wing)
E75S E75 Embraer 175 (short wing)
MD11 M11 McDonnell Douglas MD-11
MD81 M81 McDonnell Douglas MD-81
MD82 M82 McDonnell Douglas MD-82
MD83 M83 McDonnell Douglas MD-83
MD87 M87 McDonnell Douglas MD-87
MD88 M88 McDonnell Douglas MD-88
MD90 M90 McDonnell Douglas MD-90


Boeing Customer Codes

The Boeing Company uses a series of 2-character Airline Customer Codes to identify the original-build customer for all Boeing 7x7 aircraft, up to and including the Boeing 777. The code system is not used on the 787 and the 737Max.

One example would be Emirates Boeing 777-31H. This is a 777-300 series aircraft originally built for Emirates, Boeing Airline Customer Code 1H.

Included below is a table of the Boeing customer codes used for some larger and popular world airlines.

Boeing Customer Code Airline Boeing Customer Code Airline
06 KLM 82 TAP
09 China Airlines 83 SAS
22 United 90 Alaska Air
23 American Airlines 91 Frontier
24 Continental Airlines 1B China Southern
28 Air France 1H Emirates
30 Lufthansa and Condor 1R Virgin Atlantic
31 Trans World Airlines 2A Hawaiian Airlines
32 Delta Airlines 2W TAM /LATAM
33 Air Canada 3V EasyJet
36 British Airways 4A United Parcel Service (UPS)
38 Qantas 8E Asiana Airlines
46 Japan Air Lines 9L Air China
47 Western Airlines AS Ryan Air
51 Northwest B5 Korean Air
52 Aeromexico B7 US Airways
56 Iberia BT Lufthansa Cargo
57 Swiss Air DZ Qatar Airways
58 ElAl F6 Philippine Airlines
59 Avianca FX Ethiad Airways
60 Ethiopian Airlines GP Lion
67 Cathay Pacific H4 Southwest
68 Saudia H6 Malaysia Airlines
69 Kuwait Airways J6 Air China
81 All Nippon Airways S2 FedEx

Emirates Boeing 777-31H, UAE Registration Number A6-EMV.
This is a 777-300 series aircraft originally built for Emirates, Boeing Airline Customer Code 1H
EEmirates Boeing 777-31H, Registration Number A6-EMV. This is a 777-300 series aircraft originally purchased by Emirates, Boeing Airline Customer Code 1H

Boeing 727-223, N874AA in American Airlines livery, on display at the Museum of Flight, Seattle, Washington. This aircraft was delivered to American Airlines (Boeing Customer Code 23) in April of 1978. (Staff Photo)

Boeing 727-223, N874AA in American Airlines livery, on display at the Museum of Flight, Seattle, Washington



Airbus Aircraft Numbering System

The first airliner that Airbus built was the A300, with the “A” meaning "Airbus" and 300 designating the passenger capacity.

Today, that nomenclature continues. So what, for example, what is an Airbus A320-214?

The Airbus numbering system is in the form Axxx-yyy, beginning with the "A" and followed with a 3-digit aircraft model number, e.g., A220, A319 or A380.

Following the model number is a dash and 3-digit number in this format, designating:

  • Aircraft series (e.g., 2 for a -200 or 4 for a -400 series)
  • Engine manufacturer code (see table below)
  • Engine version number
Airbus Engine Code Engine Manufacturer
0 General Electric (GE)
1 CFM International (GE/SNECMA - Safrean)
2 Pratt & Whitney (P&W)
3 International Aero Engines
4 Rolls-Royce
5 CFM International (CFM LEAP-1A for A320neo Family)
6 Engine Alliance (GE and P&W)
7 Pratt & Whitney (PW1100G for A320neo Family)


Airbus defense and military aircraft have numbers in the form "A4xx". The primary product in this market segment is the Airbus A400M Atlas.

Air France Airbus A320-214, Registration F-GLGM
Air France Airbus A320-214, Registration F-GLGM
Air Mauritius Airbus A340-313, Registration 3B-NBD
Air Mauritius Airbus A340-313, Registration 3B-NBD


One or more letters are sometimes added at the end, using the codes below. For example, A321-271NX.

  • C - combi version (passenger/freighter)
  • F - freighter model
  • N - new engine option (neo)
  • R - long range model
  • X - enhanced model